The Crew of Lights For Riley

The Lights For Riley Crew is composed of 3 generations of friends & family. Our knowledge and experience comes from several different fields and crafts of work. Our crew consists of (by day job) an Electrical Engineer, an Information Systems Analyst/Consultant, a Facilities & Production (Machinery) Maintenance man, a laborer, a college student, a homemaker, 2 kids, and a partridge in a pear tree!

Crew Members

Director, Designer, & Founder - Nick W.

Show Coordinator & Lights For Riley Board Chairman - Beverly W.

Construction Supervisor - Mike C.

Electrical Engineer - Chester H.

Construction Engineer - Roger W.

Light Wrapper & Carrier - Ethan W.

Light Wrapper & Carrier - Joey C.

Crew - Brian J., Scott J., Andrew W., Diana W., Matt W.