The Lights are on & More!

Posted: November 26, 2011

We've finally got the lights on and we are updating the website continually. We are moving the news to a new section on the website and while the most up to date news will always be on facebook and our homepage, the older news will now be found on the news page.


Volunteers Needed for 2011 Season

Posted: July 28, 2011

Volunteers!!! We need Volunteers for Lights For Riley this Holiday Season. Volunteers will receive Lights For Riley gear as well as website, Twitter, & Facebook mentions. Lest not forget that we are doing all this for the Children and You. You are the reason we continue to put up lights year after you. Thank You for visiting Lights For Riley and if you'd like to become a Lights For Riley member send us an email to Christmas@LightsForRiley.com. If you were a Volunteer last year, and want to help out again, please sign up! Start by sending us an email!


Web Development / First Blog Entry

Posted: July 25, 2011

While designing the new website I figured I would start a blog of our progress through the year, how to information, and general happenings of Lights For Riley. Here you will find more detailed information and a behind the scenes look at our Annual Christmas production. In developing our new website, I have learned a lot about flash animation and CSS styles. While the site isn't quite polished yet, it's getting there! We always welcome your comments and such and we look forward to seeing you all this holiday season. - Nick Watkins, Lights For Riley